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Our success is not only measured by the results we get for our clients.  It is also measured by the way our clients feel about our work.  If you are a client of ours, please take a minute to write a short review about your experience with our law firm.  You can also read reviews from our past clients below.

Tanya L. Freeman, Esq. has been selected by the Hudson County Bar Association as Family Lawyer of the Year for 2016.

Tanya L. Freeman has earned the respect of her peers in the legal community and the trust of clients with cases involving divorce, family law, child custody, child support, alimony and domestic violence.  It is with great honor that she has been selected by the Hudson County Bar Association as Family Lawyer of the Year for 2016.

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5 star review
Cream of the Crop
Mrs. Freeman guided me through difficult times like well experience pro. Whenever I had any qualms or fears she would calm them and present solutions to any problems. She is simply a fantastic lawyer!

5 star review

Superstar Attorney!!!!!
Tanya was more than I could have imagined or hoped for in court. To say she cleaned house would be an understatement, My whole life changed when she took on my custody case. Everything changed before the judge when she pled my case, I was representing myself before because I thought that I didn’t need a lawyer. My ex boyfriend had a lawyer and I thought that I was going to lose my daughter. I borrowed money from my mother and hired Tanya and she became my savior in every way. I don’t know what would have happened if I tried to continue to represent myself. As you can can probably guess, I kept custody of my daughter thanks to Tanya.

5 star review

The best lawyer around!
I met with many lawyers before Mrs. Freeman, so I am sure she is one of a kind. Her knowledge and drive work together to make a very gifted lawyer. She guided me through this stressful and difficult process with the ease of a well experienced lawyer. She was always available to explain some of the more complicated paperwork. If she wasn’t around, I could always speak to her staff who were eager to help. She truly is one of a kind!

5 star review

Highly Recommended
I would definitely recommend working with Tanya Freeman. I had a very good experience with her and her legal team during my custody case. She’s very easy to work with . She’s a compassionate lawyer who will go out of her way to explain things, ask questions and ultimately ease one’s anxiety about the terrifying process which a child custody case can be. She sticks up for her client and respects their wishes. Things can get pretty tense in a courtroom but her great, poised manner on top of her very evidently being knowledgeable not only reassured me I was in good hands time
and time again, but it also helped keep me calm and collected. She worked closely with me and my ex’s lawyer to come up with a settlement we could both agree on. She kept me grounded and reasonable, explaining to me my limitations while at the same time pushing for what ultimately was a settlement which I was very comfortable with and in which I didn’t feel I sacrificed my beliefs as a parent. This kept us from an extensive custody battle in court and in the end, I feel that Tanya fought for my beliefs as a mother and pushed for what I wanted even when I felt discouraged and almost gave in myself. I am forever grateful for that and therefore highly recommend her.

Jessie Alvarado

5 star review
She is a great, professional lawyer and very smart. She’s not money hungry and very tough and quick on her feet in the court room. She ended a nightmare of mine. I would use her again and again if I had to, and I would also recommend her to anyone who is in a bad situation with family law. Also her staff is great, they reply fast and never leave you hanging.

Jason Jones

5 star review
Most lawyers tell you what you want to hear so that you hire them. Tanya told me what I needed to hear and gave me a realistic assessment of my case. Whether we were in court or in mediation she was prepared for every situation. She kept me informed and prepared throughout my case so I could rest easy at night. You are in good hands if you hire Tanya L. Freeman.

Godfrey Richardson

5 star review
I was asked to post a true and accurate review of Tanya’s legal ability and I agreed to do so. Like another prior reviewer, I was a former client of Brian Freeman and that is how I met tanya as she worked in his office. She impressed me with her determination to be better prepared than the other lawyer. I remember that she said that you win cases before you get into the court room by filing good papers and really knowing the law. Her reputation in the hudson county family court is very good and she is highly recommended by me.

Rhonda Charles

5 star review
I was a client of Ms. Freeman’s husband in Jersey City and Tanya took over my case when my Ex took me back to court to pay less child support. she was fantastic as a lawyer and understanding as a friend. I recommend Tanya without any reservations.

Elvis Roque

5 star review
Tough, knowledgeable and dependable. I recommend her without any reservations

Rakesh Desari

5 star review
This was my second time retaining Miss Freeman for a family court case and she again showed me that my confidence in her was well placed. I reviewed her after my first case when she was still with her husband’s office and now I say again she is fantastic.