3 Questions for Divorce

3 Questions for Divorce

3 Questions for Divorce

3 Questions for DivorceIf you are considering divorce, you may be wondering how exactly to go about this process. You’ll probably have a lot of questions. Here are 3 questions for divorce you might want answers to before you hire one of our experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys.

3 Questions for Divorce | Where and When Can I File for Divorce?

You don’t have to go to the county where you were married to file for divorce. You can file for divorce in the country where you’re living on the day of your filing. If you move outside that county after filing, that county’s court will still handle your case. There is, however, a restriction on when you can file. Except in cases of adultery, New Jersey law requires you to have lived in the state for one year before filing a complaint for divorce.

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3 Questions for Divorce | What Do I Do if I’ve Been Served Divorce Papers?

If a process server and sheriff come your residence and served you with papers, you will have 35 days to answer the complaint. You can ask for an extension, but really, your focus should be on finding a qualified attorney. Your spouse has an attorney and has already decided what he or she wants to get out of the process. You should select a divorce attorney, read over the complaint carefully, and think about what you want to counter. You will discuss these things in your first consultation.

3 Questions for Divorce | What Should I Look for in a Divorce Attorney?

You’ll want a trustworthy divorce attorney on your side, but beyond that, what you should look for in an attorney depends mostly on what you value and what you want to get out of the divorce.

If you expect to fight every step of the way – and if you’re keen on fighting back, and don’t care much for compromising – then you should get a notorious battler.

In most cases, though, you’ll probably want an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Do you feel assured that your attorney is listening to you, and using your best interests to navigate? Will you get the attorney you pick and pay for, or will that attorney hand you off to others in his or her firm after the consultation? You want someone who can foresee problems and possibilities you wouldn’t – you also want someone with a reputation for creative, innovative solutions to the knotty problems of asset division, alimony, and child custody and support. You’ll want an attorney who can give you peace of mind and fight for a fair and equitable outcome for you and your children.

If you are seeking divorce, please contact our New Jersey divorce lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

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